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What are you seeing?

I don't know how much longer I'll be sticking around here. My physical health is fine, there isn't really any problems in my home, but.. I am, emotionally drained. I didn't want to put up with anymore heart break, any more pain.. I refuse to, but.. I am sitting here upset, looking as pitiful as ever. I don't want to be like this.. because, this pain doesn't only hurt emotionally, but physically also. Its that feeling of wanting to just shrivel up in the ground and just die, because there is nothing else you can do. Last night.. I was told she wanted to date someone, the person who owns my heart told me she wanted to date someone. I swear.. my heart constricted, and it shrunk ten times its size, and I could barely breathe. My blood ran cold to the point where even using a blanket didn't keep me warm enough.. but what did help me? Kou and Jen. I couldn't ask for better people.. always listening to my shit, and never saying anything bad, though I wouldn't blame them.. but this feeling, I don't know if it can be helped.. so, this might be the start of a hiatus.

au revior.
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nao - stare

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